STANCE stands for Situation, Transformation, Attitude, Niche, Confidence and Expression: The ultimate brand storytelling framework. Tucked into this framework you’ll find belief, mission and vision statements which make us the essence of brand strategy.


You have an audience. They have an unmet need. Why do you care? What’s the belief that’s going to shape your actions?


You’re going to take your audience on a journey, from problem state to solution state. On this journey, what’s your mission? What’s your vision?


How will you conduct yourself on this journey?


What landscape are you operating in? What niche are you looking to own?


What are the reasons you can own this niche?


What’s the sentence or one liner that sums it all up?

If you’d like a blank copy of the framework, you can download one here.

Mini-storytelling breakdowns from STANCE clients

Let’s take a look at some belief, mission and vision statements created during workshops and brand storytelling projects using the STANCE method.

Brand story for Runway East

As a boutique co-working space, Runway East REALLY exemplifies how to look after their tenants, both in terms of service and the absence of hidden fees or bureaucracy and in terms of fun. When small businesses fly the nest, they’re imbued with the culture developed at Runway East.

They believe: Business booms when you start with culture.

They have a vision where: Everyday at work is a celebration.

Brand strategy for East London Dance

As the city expands, hongenising local neighbourhoods, East London Dance is flying a flag for underserved communities. They see dance as a means to bring the community together and rally around creative leaders who can stand up for their scene.

They believe: That creative leaders are essential to developing stronger local communities.

They see a world where creative talent is always met with opportunity. (No matter where a person comes from.) 

You can read the case study here.

A new brand story for Growth Velocity Academy

Howard Kingston of Growth Velocity Academy teaches growth marketing to aspiring entrepreneurs. Howard and his team teach personal growth and business growth in equal measure, which was the missing element from their story.

They believe that anyone can grow a world-changing business if they develop growth superpowers and a growth mindset.

They see a future where anyone can grow a world-changing business*

*The world, your world. You choose.

Creating a brand story for Legends

Every trip tells a story! NY-based start-up Legends are here to help you capture your travel adventures and inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

They believe that authentic travel can lead to the enlightenment of ourselves, each other and the world.

They’re on a mission to help more people travel outside of the everyday and discover more hidden gems.

Revolutionising food recycling with Robin

Robin’s dream was to half household food waste by 2030 and turn what’s left into energy and fertilizer.

Just like many innovative green companies they didn’t just want to pick up food waste from your door, they wanted to revolutionise the whole process from end to end with sleek electric vehicles and reusable, trackable bin liners. 

Robin believes when the environment wins, we all win.

Robin pops up a lot in our archetypes and brand storytelling course as the start-up that never started! But it does tell a great story of how different attitudes can shape your tone of voice.

B2B branding with Aloro

Based out of NY, Aloro delivers SMS clienteling to aspirational DTC brands.

SMS clientelling you say!?

Yep. Once a brand has your cell number, they’ll call in Aloro’s Textperts to text with you, answer any questions you have and build a proper relationship with the brand.

They believe life would be better if more interactions with technology felt genuine.

Their mission: To make your customers like you a little more every time they talk to you.

You can see the Aloro case study here.

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February 16, 2022