Video transcript

In this video, I'll be showing you the latest AI workflow using Adobe Express, Adobe Photoshop Beta, ChatGPT, and Figma. Using this process, you will be able to create unique images and catchy copy really fast.

So we will start in Adobe Express. You can see here with the text prompt that I have created an image of a female CEO with a colour code, #355FFF.

Why this colour? It's one of the STANCE brand colours and the AI should create an image that complements my brand.

I can choose some different images with that prompt. I don't like these ones so much as this one, which is the one that I'm going to work with.

Hit download. Hang tight.

“Generative Fill” in Adobe Photoshop Beta

Then we go into Photoshop. This was an image I was working on earlier. Let's get rid of that. Pop the new one in. Then using the Select tool, we're going to draw a canvas size that overlaps with the image I've created.

Click generative fill, add nothing and caption. And off it goes. AI has now created a background extended from that original. I don't fancy any of those I'm afraid so I'm going to ask for three more. And they're going to appear on the right hand side. I can choose between these three additional ones 123. That's the Badger!

I'm gonna roll with this one export. And then we'll head over to Figma. So I'm just going to put in that first image that we looked at and it goes just fiddle with the proportions a bit.

Creating multiple blog headlines in Chat GPT

Now into chat GPT I'm going to ask for 20 example headlines for a blog about creating a mission driven culture in the tone of Wally Olins. Okay, I'm going to choose the one that says culture by design.

Now I have my social post, and I can just fiddle with the dimensions a tiny bit more and export!

There we have it: An on-brand post to promote my blog about how to make your mission statement stick.

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June 18, 2023