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East London Dance give young people the opportunity to hone their dance moves, build confidence and become leaders. They do it by developing their dance and performance skills in a range of styles that speak to them. In the midst of many changes happening in east London, the charity needed to double down on their focus and what role they wanted to play in the community.

Brand strategy for ELD

As East London Dance moved into a new home in Stratford, STANCE was called in to help on the brand strategy. We came up with the following:

Belief statement

We believe that creative leaders are essential to developing stronger local communities.

Mission statement

We're here to champion and grow east London's dance scene

Vision statement

We see a world where creative talent is always met with opportunity.

(No matter where it comes from.)

East London Dance mission statement developed using The STANCE Method

Breaking it down

What we captured in the brand strategy was bigger than dance. It is about inspiring the local community through creative leaders who have climbed the ranks within East London Dance.

Following the brand strategy, the mantel was passed to Studio Output who have been working on a beautiful brand identity to capture the expression of dance.

Kind words:
Working with Simon on developing our Stance for East London Dance was a fantastic experience. He had a canny way of getting under the skin of our organisation - teasing out what we do and what we stand for - but in a fun and relaxed way.

He led a series of successful workshops with our staff, board, participants and artists and was able to translate a huge amount of information and ideas into a really compelling and succinct brand story for our charity. Not only do we have a strong brand position now, but he has helped me clarify and refine our vision and mission, and refocus our energies and ambitions for the next 3 years - much more than I was expecting from what started as a branding exercise.

Oh and he is a wordsmith genius - able to say something in one sentence that takes me a whole paragraph.
Polly Risbridger,
Former CMO, ELD

Thank you to our rockstars.

Polly Risbridger - The Client

Ben Stanley - The Client

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