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Aloro are focused on creating more meaningful interactions between brands and people, through SMS.

As marketers, we know that automated email campaigns are easy to service, but we also know that interactions, clicks and opens are low and the ability to follow up is limited. No one likes it when they see, “noreply@sender.com” swamping their inbox...

More recently SMS has joined the marketing communications party.

Consumers would desire the medium of SMS to be more interactive than cold marketing emails, but many senders still treat the medium like email—bulk ‘dumb’ sends that don’t appear to have a human on the end.

This is where Aloro joins the party, genuinely human-powered SMS where consumers (or people as we like to call them) can have a real conversation with a real human representing a real brand.

Brand strategy for Aloro

To bring the Aloro brand story to life, STANCE came up with the following brand positioning statement:

Belief statement

We believe life would be better if more interactions with technology felt genuine.

Mission statement

Our mission is to help customers like you a little more every time they talk to you. (You being, “a brand”.)

Vision statement

We see a world where every consumer feels like a valued customer.

Aloro mission statement created using The STANCE Method

Bringing the brand to life with video

Creating a brand identity wasn’t in scope for this project, but STANCE did help create video content for the website and for personalised video outreach. You can watch the video at the top of this page.


Thank you to our rockstars.

Miguel Sanchez-Grice - The Client

Kenji Smith - Graphic Designer

Matt Macgilligan - Video editor

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