Marketing and branding tips from the source.

Qubit Aura, a product launch case study

The perfect product launch is a delicate science. There are a number of different teams that work together behind the scenes to make the product launch successful. Let’s bring this to life with a case study on the B2B product launch of Qubit Aura. New product launch case study Qubit Aura is a...


The STANCE Method: Convex case study

Convex is an artist collaboration between Sarah Le Quang Sang and Laura Guarch who specialise in immersive art performances. What’s really important to Convex is securing funding for new projects, and to do that, they needed a clear description of who they are and what they stand for: A...


The fundamentals of brand positioning and how it helps business ideation

If I had a penny for each time I started a paragraph or a presentation with the statement, “the world has changed...” I can tell you, I’d be a rich man. Normally the statement pertained to some kind of internet change, meaning that companies would no longer be able to hide a poor brand...


What is the STANCE methodology and why do you need it?

Stop right there. Turn around. Give your brand a long hard look. What do you see? A business with a clear sense of purpose? A team of people united behind a clear goal? A set of words that you could take straight to centre stage at TED? A graphic identity that looks epic? If you see those...


There can be only one 'purest' vodka

Unlike wine or whisky, the process to make vodka is simple. Get some starch from boiled potatoes. Add wheat. Strain. Ferment for 3-5 days. Distil. Repeat for purity. What does this mean for branding and marketing? Everything. When you’re faced with a category of clear liquids that are...