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In November 2021, STANCE founder Simon Dean was hired as Brand Director on a part-time to support Chambers and Partners on a brand evolution project.

Chambers has long enjoyed the position of leading directory and provider of rankings to top legal professionals all over the world. The next frontier for Chambers would be to extend their offering to include the provision of indispensable insight.

This brand evolution makes perfect sense as, at its core, Chambers is a research company with 200+ researchers dedicated to understanding the global legal market. Once the brand evolution was complete, we would then continue accelerating growth in key markets for Chambers.

Did you know?

Chambers conducts over 220,000 interviews and surveys annually.
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Kind words:
Simon is truly creative, able to take a concept or idea and display it in a way that brings others on the journey, with an eye for detail and output that is contemporary and right for the audience. Whilst Simon was with us he demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the agency and re-branding process and the outcome would definitely not have been as solid if he was not involved.
Photo of Rhianna CMO
Rhianna James-Moore
CMO, Chambers and Partners

Crafting a brand narrative

Before beginning work on the project, we segmented the brief into two parts:

—Brand strategy and visual identity update
—GTM plan

For the former, we would enlist Structure, a UK-based brand agency. For the latter, we would develop the GTM strategy in-house and deliver through the internal team and existing partners.

Working closely with Structure we landed on the brand territory of choice: when the stakes are high, Chambers is the most trusted resource that legal professionals turn to to make an informed buying decision.

This was neatly wrapped up in the line, ‘For when it matters.’


We’re here to differentiate the best legal talent


To independently research the global legal market, to champion exceptional talent and deliver indispensable insight


A world where important legal matters are always addressed with the best intelligence and professional expertise, wherever it exists.

Brand identity refresh and roll out

From a visual perspective, the Chambers identity system needed a little more bandwidth to handle the presentation of data and cater to a more advanced digital presence.

Structure did a great job of establishing a ‘blue ribbon’ to frame all Chambers content. They would then create a grid system to imbue a sense of analytics and echo the idea of ‘getting ranked’ by Chambers.

Between the ribbon, the grid, colour refinement and selective photography, the brand was ready for global roll out, in conjunction with some UX updates to the website.

After the visual brand toolkit was complete, the Chambers marketing team would then identify some 200+ deliverables to be rebranded. Alongside this worksteam, we ran immersive company-wide inductions to ensure that all employees understood the new mission and reason behind the brand changes.

The new branding went fully live in Q3 2022.

Chambers website
Chambers emails
Chambers event stand

Championing Chambers’ research

Chambers releases 18 research guides each year. As such, the launch and delivery of this research is a valuable opportunity for Chambers to assert the brand mission and embody providing ‘indispensable insights.’

During Simon’s 12 months at Chambers, many different levels of video production were explored, ranging from studio to in-house. As well as adding exclusivity to the research launches, the videos would assist the content Chambers strategy, creating more blogging and social opportunities.

Chambers USA Guide Launch

That's a wrap

Simon’s tenure at Chambers ran from the end of 2021 to the end of 2022 in a part time capacity. It was a privilege to work with an established and globally respected brand such as Chambers and watch them going from strength to strength.


Thank you Chambers.

Tim Noble — CEO, Chambers and Partners

Chris Thomas — CCO, Chambers and Partners

Rhianna James-Moore — CMO, Chambers and Partners

Jesse Swash — Co-founder, Structure

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