Embodying Web Personalisation

Qubit is a SaaS company that helps personalise ecommerce websites so that shoppers have more intuitive and rewarding shopping experiences.

While working there as Senior Director of Strategic Marketing, we developed a highly sophisticated Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy.

The deliverables were personalised “Personalisation Guides” and videos. Whether pdf guide or video, the aim was to show prospective clients how our software could be used to help them meet their business objectives. Top tier prospects would tend to get a video, while middling prospects would get a pdf.

Pitching to H&M

This video was based on a discovery call that our Sales Team had with H&M. They mentioned an incoming Spotify collaboration—based on that, we storyboarded and developed this “one of a kind” video that showed how Qubit could leverage both shopper and Spotify data to create highly individualised shopping experiences.

Pitching to Colourpop

Another highly targeted piece of ABM was the above booklet for ColourPop. The Sales discovery highlighted a number of personalisation tactics that ColourPop were interested in. For the next sales conversation, we were able to create a booklet showing how these actual sales tactics would look on the ColourPop site.

In the meeting, rather than death by PPT, we used the booklet as the pitch deck, ensuring that everyone in the room had a copy.

And… We won the business.

Developing an account based marketing booklet for Qubit

In the case of ColourPop, the creation of the ABM booklet led to the development of a Beauty Industry page on the main Qubit site. If you look at the Qubit site today, you’ll see that many industries followed suit—all born out of the idea of this first ColourPop booklet.

Developing an industry page for Qubit

Delivering ABM at scale

The above examples were 'one off' in nature. However, as we developed a more complete picture of our key accounts, we were able to prioritise how much creative effort a certain prospect should receive.

For mid-tier clients we developed animated videos that could be customised per client with only one day of editing resource. For each video the sales person that owned the account would narrative a voice over for the ultimate sensation of personalisation. We would aim to deliver around 12 semi-personalised videos per year.

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